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custom smellscapingdo you have a dream scent you have always wanted to produce? are you looking to create a multi-sensory installation or a product line? a healing spray to support your emotional balance? custom smellscaping is for you. prices are calculated based on format, materials, formula ownership, and the amount of support needed for the ideation process.

speculative scent workshopsutilizing the speculative scent lab methodology, workshops allow participants to engage in exercises of worlding through olfactive creation. we apply scent formulation as a tool of speculative design to support alternative visions for the future. the goal of workshops is to activate the agency of scent as a tool to somatically call in futures of our own making.

olfactory consultationconsult with me one-on-one on all things olfactory. i can guide you through scent production possibilities, support you in building your olfactory education, help activate scent as a healing tool in your life, and more. priced per hour. please contact me for sliding scale pricing and mentorships.

etheric readingsreceive an etheric reading via a recorded message with an olfactory gift to accompany our findings. readings vary depending on what information your soul needs at the time of our reading and may include everything from healing exercises and blockage clearings to soul information that exists beyond the timespan of your current body. readings are shared via a voice recording and you will receive an olfactory gift to help integrate our findings through scent. please contact me for sliding scale pricing.